Plymouth Church provides annual support for over half of the operating budget of the House of Healing and significant in kind contributions from volunteers. It also provides office space and office services and insurance coverage for Plymouth Healing Communities. Plymouth has provided low interest loans for the purchase of the houses. Plymouth volunteers have been a major source of renovation work and donated furniture and household items.


Harborview Mental Health Services (HMHS) provides case management for the residents of the House of Healing. HMHS and the House of Healing House Manager work closely in selecting new residents for the House of Healing. At Hofmann House, HMHS selects the residents, provides case management for each resident and offers regular support to the house community, helping with any issues that arise in daily life at the house. HMHS provides ongoing training for the companions and participates actively on the Plymouth Healing Communities board and its committees.


The Mental Health Chaplaincy provides consultation and support to the House of Healing, with a special care for the spiritual concerns that arise in the course of mental illness. The House of Healing honors each person’s unique spiritual/religious experience, seeking to be a place of safety and sanctuary for all souls.


Community Psychiatric Clinic selects the residents and provides case management for them at Agape House. It offers regular support to the house community, helping with any issues that arise in the daily life of the house. It also works with our community companion to provide additional emotional support to residents at the house.



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