Our Facilities

Plymouth Healing Communities owns three houses and two small apartment buildings, all of which are supported by our companionship model. We are a warm, safe place where both residents and companions can pause, reflect and consider their next step in life.


The House of Healing is our short-term facility for those just released from the hospital. It is a small, referral-based, neighborhood-scale emergency shelter that can accommodate up to four residents at a time. The one-to-one ratio of companions to residents provides the support needed for mental health patients to make the shift from the streets and hospital to permanent housing. Regular evening meals that all house members share are just one of the staples of House of Healing life.


Agape House, Hofmann House, the Argonaut Apartments, and the Admiral Apartments are permanent residences. With support from the Community Companion, these homes provide a continuation of community and attention, as residents continue down their road to recovery and ongoing community integration.


Building Community

Our houses are situated in neighborhoods, helping to destigmatize mental illness and create communities that are less fearful and more complete.


First I saw the red door. Then, the blue staircase. At the top, my own room. Here was privacy without isolation. Respect. A sense of belonging.


1217 Sixth Avenue  Seattle, WA 98101   TEL (206) 622.4865 ext. 27    EMAIL info@plyhc.org