House of Healing

Located on Beacon Hill, the House of Healing is our short-term facility for those just released from the hospital. The one-to-one ratio provides the support needed for mental health patients to make the transition from the streets and hospital to permanent housing.


Residents stay at our House of Healing for a few months after their hospitalization, experiencing our unique model of companionship, housing and deep respect. For each resident, there is a companion, who "walks alongside" as residents adjust to a Harborview-prescribed treatment plan and regain a sense of belonging and stability. Each night, all House members gather for dinner.


The House of Healing has housed 41 residents since it opened in 2002, with a total number of 5,415 bed nights.



1217 Sixth Avenue  Seattle, WA 98101   TEL (206) 622.4865 ext. 27    EMAIL