Our Impact

The results of our work are compelling

Every year in King County, because they have nowhere else to go, over 1,000 people treated for mental illness return to the street or to drop-in shelters that do not offer support for mental health patients. Plymouth Healing Communities breaks the cycle of hospitalization and homelessness that often follows an acute episode of mental illness.

  • In the year before coming to Plymouth Healing Communities only 12% of our residents had no hospitalizations; in the year following their stay 83% of our residents had no hospitalizations.
  • All residents are homeless before coming to the House of Healing. Today, most of our alumni are living in stable housing.
  • Companions are deeply affected by their yearlong residency, often becoming lifelong mental health advocates. Companionship is central to all we do and is what makes us unique.


Breaking the cycle benefits everyone.

One in four of us will be affected by mental illness, either personally or through a family member. And of course, through higher taxes, eroding social networks and lost opportunities, we're all affected through the impact of mental illness on the community.

  • Through our focused and timely intervention, Plymouth Healing Communities reduces the use of high-cost services such as hospital emergency rooms, detoxification services, shelters, police and jail.
  • Our houses are situated in neighborhoods, helping to destigmatize mental illness and create communities that are less fearful and more complete.


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