Our Model

Hospitals address the acute medical need. Social services supply food and shelter. Plymouth Healing Communities reaches out to restore a sense of belonging.


The Power of Companionship

As an alternative to living on the street, we provide companionship and deep respect in a small, referral-based, neighborhood-scale emergency shelter, to homeless patients released from Harborview's mental health clinic following an acute episode of mental illness. Over the long term, we stay in touch, extending the embrace of community and ensuring ongoing treatment.


Companionship is central to all we do and is what makes us unique. It is essential to helping our residents successfully move from the street to the road of recovery. Watch a video.


Restoring Hope and Connection

The House of Healing is our short-term facility for those just released from the hospital. It is a small, referral-based, neighborhood-scale emergency shelter that can accommodate up to four residents at a time. The one-to-one ratio of companions to residents provides the support needed for mental health patients to make the shift from the streets and hospital to permanent housing. Regular evening meals that all house members share are just one of the staples of House of Healing life.


Residents shelter at our House of Healing for a few months after their hospitalization, experiencing our unique model of companionship, housing and deep respect. For each resident, there is a companion, who "walks alongside" as residents adjust to a Harborview-prescribed treatment plan and regain a sense of belonging and stability. Each night, all House members gather for dinner.


A Step toward Independence

Others are served by Plymouth Healing Communities through our permanent housing at Hofmann House and Agape House, upon referral from Community Psychiatric Clinic or Harborview Mental Health Services. At these houses, residents also experience the companionship component that makes us unique.


Becoming Alumni

When residents move to permanent housing, we continue to engage with them, extending the embrace of our caring community and supporting their continuing treatment. Alumni are always welcome at the House of Healing's dinner table, and many return to visit.


I now live in my own apartment. I have a treatment plan and a part-time job. Sometimes I go back to the House to visit, to talk with new residents. I’m not alone anymore. I’m not lost.


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