Our Model

A Step toward Independence

Our Community Companion Program is a unique and wonderful opportunity for each of the residents living in our permanent housing, as well as for House of Healing residents as they transition out of the House and into their new home, to experience the supportive presence of companions. Through weekly meet ups in the community, to group gatherings at local events, participants gain a sense of independence and confidence in engaging with others, and with their community. The Community Companion Volunteers come away from the experience cherishing their connection with a member of the community and shared memories of special moments.


Becoming Alumni

When residents move to permanent housing, we continue to engage with them, extending the embrace of our caring community, our community companion program, and supporting their continuing treatment. Alumni are always welcome at the House of Healing's dinner table, and many return to visit.


I now live in my own apartment. I have a treatment plan and a part-time job. Sometimes I go back to the House to visit, to talk with new residents. I’m not alone anymore. I’m not lost.


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