"Healing, healthy community begins when we actively and consistently connect with our neighbors, when we no longer turn away from the unfamiliar, when we not only listen to the painful rhythms of our neighbors, but when we also share in their enthusiasms, and when faith is not forgotten. For me, this is the House of Healing"

   - Will, Former companion


"Thank you for creating a place of healing and hope for all that come to live at the house. I wish for nothing but that the hope this house holds grows into a light that all can see."

   - Keith, Former companion


"Often, people with mental illness are isolated and they don't know how to take the first step toward connection. At the House, we help with that first step."

   - Companion at the House of Healing


"It's really helpful to have people in a house that is comfortable, clean and in a safe neighborhood. Environment can help or hinder mental stability."

   - Agape House resident


"Because of Plymouth Healing Communities, I no longer have to tell patients who need housing to 'go through the channels.' Plymouth Healing Communities is the channel."

   - Mike Donegan, Manager, Rehabilitation and Recovery Program, Harborview Mental Health Services, and Ex Officio Board Member of Plymouth Healing Communities


"When I saw my room, I knew this is a place where I can get well."

   - Resident at the House of Healing


"My time at the House of Healing was the best three months of my life."

   - Former resident at the House of Healing


"My career choice was very much affected by my time in Seattle at Plymouth House. After my year with Plymouth House, I decided to go to nursing school, worked about a year on a medical-surgical unit, and now work in the inpatient psychiatric unit at the University of Michigan hospital. My experience with Plymouth House was a gift - it has made me a better nurse."

   - Joel, Former companion


"It was a really good experience. It was a safe place. It was warm. The companion part of it was really incredible."

   - Former resident at the House of Healing


"I never knew how to transition out of a bad situation before, and now I do."

   - Former resident at the House of Healing


"I've always had this image of a grandma God – nurturing and patient – but my image of the grandma God is changing now that I know [PHC's President] Nancy Smith – this grandma gets a heck of a lot done."

   - Gary Southerton, Executive Director, Plymouth Healing Communities



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