Work With Us

Plymouth Healing Communities relies on caring, committed companions and volunteers to make our model successful.

Companionship is central to all we do and is what makes us unique. It is essential to helping our residents successfully transition from the street to the road of recovery.


With a one-to-one ratio at the House of Healing, companions help residents—sharing meals and daily chores, engaging in conversation, participating in joint activities—reconnect to the community as they become familiar with their new treatment, surroundings and future.


Our community companion model focuses on continuing to provide companion support as residents transition out of the House of Healing and into the greater community by having regular one-on-one meetings. We also offer companionship to each of our residents living in our permanent housing.


In addition to the impact companions have on residents, companions are deeply affected by their yearlong residency, often becoming lifelong mental health advocates.


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There are many ways to help Plymouth Healing Communities residents at our properties. Find out more about volunteer opportunities.



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