Volunteer Opportunities

Consider becoming a Community Companion Volunteer!

Plymouth Healing Communities is looking for compassionate volunteers to offer companionship to Seattle residents who have faced homelessness and live with mental illness. Community Companion Volunteers support and empower others through genuine, side-by-side relationships that promote healthy connections to the greater community. From meeting with Program Participants individually for coffee to attending free/low-cost events as a group, Volunteers walk alongside others as they heal and reconnect.


Respite Volunteers

The House of Healing has a lot of appreciation for respite volunteers who provide a vital and unique role within the house. Volunteers engage with residents of the house — being in conversation over coffee, working on puzzles together, cooking a meal, playing Scrabble, being present and available for each resident as they move through their daily life and towards recovery and healing.


Interested? Get in touch! Please contact Holly Bahnick, Community Companion Coordinator, for more details and a volunteer application. Email community@plyhc.org or phone 206.851.8847.



1217 Sixth Avenue  Seattle, WA 98101   TEL (206) 622.4865 ext. 27    EMAIL info@plyhc.org