House of Healing

I now live in my own apartment. I have a treatment plan and a part-time job. Sometimes I go back to the House to visit, to talk with new residents. I’m not alone anymore. I’m not lost.
— Former House of Healing Resident

The House of Healing is a transitional home where people living with and without mental illness live as peers. Eight people live in the home at any given time – four residents and four companions.

The home was conceived of in early 2000 to offer a place of solace and rest to people leaving the hospital after an acute mental health hospitalization. It was Plymouth Healing Communities’ first home, and is still at the heart of our mission. Unlike many community shelters, the House of Healing offers a home, with individual rooms, home cooked meals, a garden, social outings, and a built in community of companionship.

Each resident is connected with mental health support through Harborview Behavioral Health Services. Harborview and PHC staff assist the residents with finding permanent housing. Residents who leave the house are offered a Community Companion to continue walking alongside them, and the House of Healing remains a welcoming community to them as long as they need or want it to be.

The community table at the House of Healing

The community table at the House of Healing


Explore becoming a companion.

Spend a year of service living in Seattle at Plymouth House of Healing. Be part of the healing and hope for residents living with mental illness.

While companions must be 21 or older, experience and education of all varieties are welcome. Many Companions hold a part-time job or attend classes during the year of service. While the service at House of Healing must be the primary focus, and flexible schedules are a must, we encourage Companions to find meaningful activities outside of Plymouth Healing Communities as well.

Companions commit to a year of service, during which you will receive room and board, health insurance, ongoing training, a $375 monthly stipend — and the life-changing opportunity to walk alongside someone making their way back to health and healing.

For position description and application contact Jacob Stuivenga, Program Coordinator, at